Yorkshire, England and the Forgotten Jervaulx Abbey

Jervaulx Abbey by Tripadvisor.com

Jervaulx Abbey by Tripadvisor.com

Yorkshire is lush with ruined abbeys and golden bones left over from Henry VIII’s rampage across the religious landscape of England.

Nestled among it’s rolling dales you can find Fountains Abbey, Rievaulx Abbey, Bolton Abbey, Ripon Abbey and Whitby Abbey – all of these are impressive ruins filled with arches, colonnades, and centuries of ghosts. However, one abbey is a bit more hidden, and a bit more magical than the rest.

Jervaulx Abbey, nestled near the city of Ripon, is a Cistercian abbey that has just about given up the struggle against nature, and is privately owned. Please give a small donation to the upkeep as you wander around. We went in August, and the fireweed was a stark, bright, pink contrast to the greenery that seemed to swallow the remains of crumbling yellow and orange walls. Partial archways greeted us as we explored, the colors and scents filled our imaginations.

We had arrived late in the day, around five o’clock, and therefore had it to ourselves. There were doors to nowhere, clumps of growing things climbing partial archways, and the sound of evening birdsong was sweet background music.

While many abbeys are situated on a hill and cleared of trees and foliage, this one seemed to be canopied with the small surrounding forest, almost protecting it from the glare of the open sky. Across the road is a small café and gift shop, as well as a small nursery to purchase some of the lovely flowers that were growing in the abbey.

Jervaulx Abbey by Christy Nicholas

Jervaulx Abbey by Christy Nicholas

Jervaulx Abbey is a Cistercian monastery set in the Yorkshire Dales and founded in 1156. It is open from dawn till dusk 7 days a week. You can also enjoy Jervaulx Abbey’s:

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Christy Nicholas, Author

Christy Nicholas, Author

Christy Nicholas is the Author of Ireland: Mythical, Magical, Mystical; A Guide to Hidden Ireland

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  1. The Bloke is from Yorkshire and this is very true – Check out Roche Abbey too!

    suzie81 / Reply
    • Will do! I love it! Oh and guess what I learned last night after speaking to a Chilean family. There is an entire half-timbered village in Chile in an area once dominated by Germany.

      I’m really looking forward to our sweet list 🙂

  2. This place looks amazing, I will definitely have to check it out!

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