‘Dracula’ Church of St. Mary Whitby, Yorkshire

Church of St. Mary of Whitby Photo from myfourthirds.com

Church of St. Mary of Whitby Photo from myfourthirds.com

199 steps lead up to the ominous Church of St. Mary commanding an audience of tombstones from high upon a hilltop stage in Whitby, Yorkshire England. One might understand why this seaside graveyard inspired Bram Stoker while writing his classic blood letting novel- Dracula.

It is also said to be the final resting place of Tom Thumb and Humpty Dumpty.

Learn more about Yorkshire, and its fairytale destination, Whitby, known as one of England’s most picture-perfect harbor towns.

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  1. Such a haunting place! I’ve climbed those 199 steps. The Church is lovely, and Whitby Abbey on the hill wonderful for exploration. Good tea and snacks at the cafe, too!

    Christy Nicholas / Reply
  2. These pictures are amazing! Being at that place at night would probably send shivers down my spine!

    martyfnemec / Reply
  3. Yep, that graveyard would definitely inspire something spooky!

    tamaclagan / Reply
  4. A sea of tombstones…the lays rays of sunlight fading away…an army of shadows sweeping over the hilltops. I MUST visit this place one day!

    Michael Cahill / Reply
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