How About Elf School, ÁLFASKÓLINN in Reykjavik, Iceland

Gnomes, Fairies, Trolls…


Watch out for elves crossing lolz

Somewhere between the volcanoes and the glaciers in Rykjavik, Iceland lives a culture laced with legends of gnomes, fairies, trolls and “hidden people”.

What better way than to take it all in than to attend Elf School. Too far? Not for the Fairytale Traveler. I am on this like it’s my job, well…it is my job (no complaints here).

Elfschool has been schooling mythology enthusiasts for 22 years with 2 major lectures by the school’s headmaster, Mr. Magnus Skarphedinsson. This may be the most bad ass lecture I have never studied, complete with class, textbooks and a curriculum.

Learn about everything there is to know about these mythical creatures, where they live, they’re culture, and what they think of us silly humans.

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  1. It would be cool if that Elf who wanted to be a dentist taught classes…you know…from Rudolph…

    Christopher De Voss / Reply
  2. Sounds more fun than the Mythology & Fairy Tales course I took in college (which turned out to be disappointingly dry. XP ).

    deshipley / Reply
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  4. Iceland is the next country I wan to visit!

    Andrew / Reply

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