Visit Salem, MA and Uncover the Dark Past of the Salem Witch Trials

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Boy would Colonial Massachusetts be pissed if they knew how much bank Salem is making off witches. If you don’t already know, the Salem Witch Trials were a series of prosecutions leading to the dark and macabre executions of 20 wrongly accused witches from 1692 to 1693. Well guess what, you can go to Salem, and it’s pretty “witchin”.

Salem Witch Museum photo by

Salem Witch Museum photo by

Check out these witchin’ attractions:

3-D Salem Time Machine

Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery

Cry Innocent

Frankenstein’s Castle

Gallow’s Hill Museum/Theater

Haunted Witch village

Salem Witch Museum

Salem Witch Village

The True 1692

Witch Dungeon Museum

Witch History Museum

Witch House

Salem Witch Trials Memorial

I love this, and next to Sleepy Hollow, NY, this may be the other coolest place to visit for Halloween.

Check out Salem’s Haunted Happenings for more Halloween attractions.

Salem, MA phot by

Salem, MA phot by

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  1. Creepy. I’m there.

    Christopher De Voss / Reply
  2. Nice post.

    Milena Yordanova / Reply
  3. Being a historian, I find the Salem witch trials fascinating for what they reveal about social history. This is somewhere I’d love to visit, but I always have my doubts when such sits of historical importance start to become ‘touristy’. I can’t help but feel there’s something morally objectionable about it. It’s like when the Titanic experience opened in Belfast, Northern Ireland and people were selling copies of *that* necklace from the film…

    Ciara Meehan / Reply
    • I can see how it discounts the legend, but people need to be entertained. I’m guilty, everyone is. If there is an interesting and fun way to absorb the culture, heritage and history of a place then sure why not. Just think of how many people wouldn’t even know about history if the element of entertainment was subtracted, but I can totally see where you’re coming from. I just embrace it and take it for culture of a town.

      • You’re absolutely right — history can be pretty dull unless presented in an engaging way. Though I sometimes have my doubts about how far this is taken, I wouldn’t necessarily refuse to visit!

        • I’m willing to bet that some of it is down right cheesy, but I kid of like the cheesy stuff too. South of the Border, super cheese, Gatlinburg, TN Cheesy town USA but I go yearly lol. Kids love that stuff. I’m interested in seing how this pans out as well. Stay in touch! x

    • And the bauble wasn’t even real! *bangs head against the wall*

  4. Damn now I really want to go, Thanks Christa 🙂

    edmooneyphotography / Reply
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  6. It looks like one just steps back into time by the looks of that last photo. One moment you’re in the 21st century and then – POOF – colonial Salem. 🙂

    Map of Time / Reply
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    Mushrooms | Mushroom / Reply
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