Visit legend of Sleepy Hollow, NY in the Shadows of the Headless Horseman

Sleepy Hollow

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In the shadows of the dark crisp air of Sleepy Hollow, NY lives the legend of the Headless Horseman. The tale, originally from Celtic Folklore, was told by the Brothers Grimm and retold by author Washington Irving in 1820. 




Sleepy Hollow, NY thrives on the “Legend of Sleepy Hollow” and is dedicated to the preservation of its tale of the Headless Horseman with points of interest like:

  • Sleepy Hollow Cemetery
  • Headless Horseman Bridge
  • Old Dutch Church
  • Philipsburg Manor

During the fall season there are particularly curious events to celebrate Halloween and the fall harvest:

  • Horseman’s Hollow-“For the month of October, historic Philipsburg Manor transforms into a fearsome landscape ruled by vampires, witches, undead soldiers, ghouls, and ghosts, all serving the Headless Horseman himself!”
  • Sleepy Hollow cemetery Evening Lantern Tours
  • Haunted Hayride
  • Irving’s Legend at the Old Dutch Church
  • The Great Jack-o-lantern Blaze

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  1. My kind of place!

    Michael Cahill / Reply
  2. Now Im jealous, I thought that Sleepy Hollow was just a story, not a place. Looks like my version of Disney land, πŸ™‚

    edmooneyphotography / Reply
    • HAHA! See! It is very real, AND very creepy!. I’ll be there for the Halloween events after my return from Dublin. I’ll give you the full report πŸ™‚

      Do you know of the original Celtic tale of the Headless Horseman? Maybe we can link up stories if there’s a location on your side of the pond <3

      • I was keeping this for my Samhain post this year but the story you are after is of The Dullahan or the Gan Ceann. He is the father of all horseman tales from around the Globe. He is believed to have come from the Celtic Diety Crom Dubh. He was widley worshiped and the appropriate sacrifice was human, usually by decapatation.
        Interestingly the celts believed that the soul was contained with the skull, so when they would defeat an enemy the head would be removed and stiched up to trap the soul. This prevented the soul coming back for revenge. Did you know that the Celts were big believers in re-incarnation.
        The modern tale, which was another attempt by the christian church to discredit the old ways by demonizing the ancient gods. Im sure you know the modern tale were he roams the country with his head under his right arm looking for souls to take, some accounts tell of him carrying a whip made from a human spine.
        Like most Celtic deities whom all link back to the Tuatha DΓ© Danann, there was an adversion to metal. It was said that the Milesians defeated the Tuatha DΓ© Danann with Iron. Well our Headless friend has an apparent adversion to gold. bear this in mind incase you run into him on your travels, πŸ™‚

  3. Wow, you mean Sleepy Hollow is a real place? No THAT is magical!

    mysearchformagic / Reply
  4. This is cool. I want to go!

    Christopher De Voss / Reply
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