The Fountain of Youth, Totally Real and Totally Awesome

Do you remember the story you once heard of a place called the Fountain of Youth? Legend has it that if you drink from its water, you will remain forever young and fabulous.


Well, I found it. Get back to me in 20 years and see if I’m forever young. I’m pretty sure I’ll be fabulous. “In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue” -Everyone’s 6th grade teacher 


The Fountain of Youth resident peacock photo by Christa Thompson

The Fountain of Youth resident peacock photo by Christa Thompson


History of The Fountain Of Youth


In 1513 Juan Ponce de Leon was the first to explore America and set foot at this very location where the Timucaun village of Seloy thrived for nearly 3,500 years prior to the brutal massacre that wiped out the civilization.


This folks, is ground zero. It is the original site of the Nation’s oldest city. A flashback through all of your knowledge of every important American historical site or city and realize, that it all comes down to this place, the Fountain of Youth in St. Augustine, Florida. It’s kind of a big deal.


Photo by: Christa Thompson

Photo by: Christa Thompson


Florida’s oldest attraction, is a pet-friendly (yes I said pet-friendly) archaeological park that covers 15 pristine waterfront acres that will catapult you back in time. 


It is a compelling learning environment for all ages, complete with lush gardens, live reenactments, guided tours and the hungriest peacocks on earth.


Here's to being forever young and fabulous!

Here’s to being forever young and fabulous!


Here are some of the park’s features:

  • Drink from Ponce de Leon’s Famous Spring
  • Planetarium
  • Discovery Globe
  • Timucua Burials
  • Timucua Village Experience
  • the first St. Augustine Settlement
  • Chalupa Shipyard
  • Cannon Firings
  • San Agustin Watchtower
  • 1513 Ponce de Leon Landing Memorial
  • Dining and Picnic areas


These guys are ready for breakfast!

These guys are ready for breakfast!


This was a serene and educational experience for me. I am elated that I have been able to visit a place that is such a huge part of our American History and I am proud that it is part of the Florida culture.


I hope to share this with people planning a trip to Florida because it is a must see attraction.


Matanza's Bay Photo by: Christa Thompson

Matanza’s Bay Photo by: Christa Thompson


I would like to note, if you are deciding between the Fountain of Youth and the Colonial Quarter, you would be doing yourself a serious injustice by not seeing both.


They are completely different and both are very enriching experiences and together, offer a complete historical teaching of St. Augustine. See my story on the Colonial Quarter here.


As always, your experience, suggestions and questions are enjoyed. Happy fairytale travels!

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