Colonial Quarter, St. Augustine’s Blast Through the Past

Photo by Christa Thompson

Photo by Christa Thompson

Are you a history nut? If the answer is yes then what the heck are you doing sitting online? You should be off exploring the newly revamped Colonial Quarter in the heart of St. Augustine‘s Historic District on St. George Street.

If you don’t like loud musket drills, reenactments from centuries past, and the best darn tour guide in St. Augustine, then stop now.

The Wonderful Grimm Photo by Christa Thompson

The Wonderful Grimm Photo by Christa Thompson

Meet Grimm. He is quite possibly the most entertaining and knowledgeable tour guide/history junkie I have ever met (and let me tell you something about tour guides, snooze fest).

“I never even liked history. St. Augustine was a pit-stop for me 4 years ago. Once I arrived here I realized that if I was going to get sociable I needed to engage in the history of this city. From that point I was hooked.”

-Grimm, the Colonial Quarter’s Creative Development Manager and Writer of the Colonial Crew Review

The Colonial Quarter takes you back into the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries of Colonial St. Augustine with live demonstrations, guided tours, interactive play and authentic period homes and buildings. The tours are not overwhelmingly large, leaving room for for questions and a much more intimate learning experience.

The park itself is located in the heart of downtown and features an authentic candlelit 18th century Spanish Taberna, Taberna del Caballo, as well as an 18th century-styled British Pub, the Bull & Crown Publick House. I encourage you to enjoy both.

Taberna del Caballo

Taberna del Caballo

I was definitely schooled at the Colonial Quarter. I look forward to returning soon for the Colonial Crew Review and for a running high five with the best darn tour guide in St. Augustine.

Grimm, start cross-training now!

I would like to note, if you are deciding between the Fountain of Youth and the Colonial Quarter, you would be doing yourself a serious injustice by not seeing both. They are completely different and both are very enriching experiences and together, offer a complete historical teaching of St. Augustine.  Read my story on Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth and Archaeological Park here.

As Always your experience, suggestions and questions are enjoyed. Happy fairytale travels!

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  3. Loved reading your take on one of our favorite attractions!! Our family enjoyed the Colonial *Spanish* Quarter before the re-do and now are regulars at Colonial Quarter… we’ve watched as they deepened educational aspects and developed the fun Colonial Crew Review. My kiddos enjoyed previews during pre-opening photo shoots & were even on the early signage!

    I say all that to share that this place is near & dear to my heart. We longed for a comprehensive & well-done showcase of St. Augustine’s history and I’m proud of the Colonial Quarter and love seeing new facets each time we visit! You captured all of this in your review! Thanks for loving our little town as much as we do! 🙂

    Allie O. / Reply
    • Allie! Thank you girl! You know, I was just discussing this with my other half, if we ever had a reason to call another place home in Florida, the only other place we would move to is St. Augustine. We love it there.

      I’m really glad you liked the story. Did you you get to read the one on the Fountain of Youth? I have a couple more to roll out and before I know it I’ll be heading back lol. I’m rally excited about covering the Dow Museum of Historic Houses, and very sad that it is getting sold…

      Thanks for coming by! Let’s stay in touch via email

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