The Little Fairytale Traveler

Our Very Own Junior Blogger

“I love going places!” -The Little

The Little Fairytale Traveler is going places all right. At just six years old he travels the world side-by-side with his mom, the Fairytale Traveler to places inspired by books, film, TV and mythology. It’s never a dull moment for him!

He is growing up on the fairy tales, folklore, legends and mythology which have inspired hearts through time, and taking the journey to the places where they all began. Whether he’s running through castles or forests, exploring museums or just listening to local storytellers as they share their tales of legend and lore, he’s living the greatest adventure any child could ever dream of.

Now, after two years of jam-packed adventure he’s decided to start something of his own, his very own YouTube channel Kid Friendly. Packed full of superheroes, toys, candy, gaming and of course his epic adventures, Kid Friendly is the perfect brand for this intrepid little kiddo.