Why You Still Need to Start A Blog in 2018

When you start a blog, you are able to do quite a bit of things. A blog is a simple web that allows you to manage your content in a practical way. It is a kind of newspaper where you can write and publish in chronological order, any topic, experiences, feelings, or future plans in order to influence other people’s decisions. In the blog, you can publish articles, photographs, a movie, give recommendations or comment on any topic, sell your products, for example; write my essay in Сanada or third-party products. It is ideal for the passionate of writing, it is an incredible feeling when you interact with a user and feel that your blog has been useful for him. Being able to interact with people from all over the world is a unique experience, worthy of fairy tales.

Being a blogger is a lifestyle, it is an activity that you can do on your travel while enjoying the beautiful landscapes that nature offers that also allows you to obtain excellent earnings.

Another activity that generates important earnings is vBlogging, it is about videos that are published or uploaded on different platforms in which they stand out more than in others, YouTube videos, which can be live or pre-recorded and deal with different topics or activities. They can be made both from the comfort of your home and enjoy a pleasant journey.

A person who performs an activity of any kind, or wants to make itself known, if it is not in the network, simply does not exist. Technological progress requires being at the forefront of new technologies. The vast majority of people around the world, has a device to stay connected and it is difficult to know someone looking for a product, and do not check the web before.

The blog has a great influence on the decision making of the user. In the United States, 74% of people seeking a good or service, first take a tour of a blog and according to the comments or recommendations, make their best choice, buy the product or hire the service. As well as seek opinions on a topic and usually get solutions in this way.

Storytelling is a technique used in the blog to sensitize the reader and make possible the birth of empathy between reader and author, making an impact on the decision making of the reader. It is a good technique to convince the reader to hire your services.


Ways to monetize a blog


Through ads, sponsored links, affiliate sales, PPC, CPM, advertising banner, among others. For personalized domains, the Google Adsense system provides an excellent service. If you do not have a custom domain, you can also opt for platforms such as adf.ly, ouo.io or others.

You can create your free blog on the platforms wordpress.com or blogger.com; Once you sign up, you start enjoying your benefit.


Benefits of having a blog


Create your own blog allows you to interact with your client or user and evaluate what you like or prefer, this helps you identify and reinforce what has brought benefits to your activity and discard what has not been successful.

The blog helps you to develop writing skills, while you get more dissemination on the network and attracting potential customers.

This activity helps increase traffic to your website, ensuring a better positioning, which will give you more credibility, acceptance and increased demand for your products or services.


Guarantees that a blog will work


For a blog to be effective, attract the audience and be a reference in the network, it is necessary to offer quality content that is useful to the user, so that the user feels the need to seek help again.

Effective use of networks; social networks have a power that is often underestimated, however, have a great push. Interact in social networks and ensure your impact on the network.

Participate in forums addressing different topics; it is an excellent strategy that helps you to attract new readers for your blog.

You must avoid spelling errors and demonstrate originality in the content, for this you must keep in mind that the content you publish must be unique, therefore it is necessary to avoid plagiarism, remember that the bots or search engines of Google are powered by unique content and useful.  

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