Modern Travel: 4 Travel Agencies That Accepts Bitcoin

Over the last few years, more and more businesses have started accepting bitcoin in exchange for their various goods and services. One industry that is slowly but surely adopting bitcoin is the travel industry, and there are already several options available online to cryptocurrency-wielding travel-lovers.

What Is Bitcoin?


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First, it’s probably crucial to explain a little about bitcoin itself. Bitcoin is just one of numerous cryptocurrencies that now exist on the internet and represent a new, decentralized form of money. It was originally created back in 2009, by the mysterious programmer Satoshi Nakamoto, to serve as an anonymous, private, secure alternative to more traditional payment methods like cash and card online.


At first, early adopters had few places to spend their mined or converted digital money on, but as bitcoin became more popular some industries were quick to jump on board. One of the first was the iGaming industry, which has led to a number of bitcoin-centric online casinos featuring bitcoin slots and table games such as blackjack and poker. In fact, these days you can even play it live with real-world, real-time croupiers with bitcoin – a clear indication of how far Bitcoin has come since 2009.


Further proof of this can be seen in the sheer number of other industries that have adopted bitcoin. So, let’s take a look at the travel agencies that accept bitcoin payments at the moment:




Let’s start with Destinia, a company you may recognize for providing flights in addition to accommodation all over the world. No matter how extravagant or far a destination may be, Destinia can get you there. So, it was particularly exciting when they started enabling bitcoin exchanges. Not only can customers travel anywhere in the world, they can pay using the world’s most exciting new currency.


Webjet Exclusives


Based in Australia, Webjet Exclusives has been well known since February 2015 when the company began encouraging bitcoin transactions. They partnered with BitPOS and was soon considered one of the most innovative travel agencies out there. Not only can users book flights on a budget using bitcoins, but also cruises which are far more expensive – which also expands the reach of bitcoin payments significantly.




As one of the first agencies in the world to accept the cryptocurrency, CheapAir is almost synonymous with bitcoin travel these days. In late 2013, the thought of purchasing flights using bitcoin was nothing but a dream, but over the years CheapAir has handled thousands of flights and bitcoins.


Back in March, CheapAir released statistics that claim a 74% increase in bitcoin-based sales, no doubt due to the worldwide renaissance the cryptocurrency is experiencing. Needless to say, CheapAir is invaluable to bitcoin and in turn, fans and users of digital payment methods, but the relationship is undoubtedly symbiotic. Plus, CheapAir is bound to get even more popular as bitcoin’s worth continues to rise.




While CheapAir may have been one of the first travel agencies to use bitcoin, Expedia is by far one of the world’s biggest. Expedia began allowing customers to pay in bitcoin many years ago, though it is difficult to attain just how many holidays have been paid for in digital money. What we do know is that the company’s decision to accept bitcoin attracted a lot of attention from the media and bitcoin users, which we’re sure led to a number of successful transactions. 

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