What is it Like to Live in an RV – An Infographic for those Looking to Transition

Want to live in an RV? The number of households in the United States who own an RV is increasing day by day. Some people buy RVs because it’s the most affordable way to travel around the country while others purchase motor homes because it’s a “laid back kind of life.” Whatever your motivation is, there are many things to consider before making the transition. This infographic will answer many of the questions you may have before you make the leap.


Others find it difficult to switch to the RV lifestyle because they fear they might lose the comforts of living in a traditional house. While living in an RV may mean downsizing, it doesn’t necessarily mean giving up comfort. Fortunately, some modern RVs are truly comfortable – with fully equipped kitchens, bathrooms, air conditioning, and strong WiFi connection (thanks to RV phone signal boosters). And in the end, sometimes it’s really all just about the view and the experiences you get to have by living in different destinations all over the country. 


Where are the best RV destinations? Want to know more about saving for your big dream?


Below is an infographic about the basic facts of the RV life in the US, including the typical RVer, most popular RV destinations, and other interesting trivia. Check it out!


Live in an RV – The Deets

live in an RV


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