Top Places to Visit for Those Studying Criminal Justice in the U.S.

Criminal Justice Travel in Washington DC


Are you currently studying for your masters in criminal justice online? If so then you know better than anyone just how much work and dedication are required to be successful in the program. Earning your master in criminal justice will open all kinds of career doors for you and lead to a very exciting and fulfilling future.

So, how would you like to take your educational experience to the next level and gain an even deeper understanding of the criminal justice system? Sometimes, it takes going to key places in person and getting a true sense of what people have been through and fought for in order to better appreciate and understand the criminal justice system here in the U.S.

One of best places you can go for this kind of experience is Washington D.C., as it is packed full of incredible sites and attractions. Here’s a look at the must-visit places for criminal justice students.


The National Law Enforcement Museum


This first location is more of a sneak-peek as this museum isn’t set to open until late 2018. The National Law Enforcement Museum was authorized by President Bill Clinton back in 2000 and is meant to honor the sacrifices and duties that law enforcement officers must face. The museum will house collections (past and present), exhibits, educational aspects, and research. There will also be interactive features that allow people to understand what it must feel like to walk in an officer’s shoes.

The museum will be located next to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial and will mostly be underground.


The White House


It doesn’t get more historic than The White House, as this particular site attracts not just criminal justice students such as yourself but people from all walks of life and from countries around the world. While you can certainly take a number of pictures of The White House from outside the gates, if you want a more up close and personal look then you will want to plan well in advance. Public tours are available on a first come first serve basis and are free. You will need to contact your Member of Congress to schedule one of these tours. A tour could easily be the highlight of your trip.


U.S. Supreme Court


The U.S. Supreme Court is another historic place to visit when touring Washington D.C. Not only is it visually stunning but it holds an extreme amount of history thanks to the cases that have been heard within the building.

Public tours are available Monday through Friday, but keep in mind the summer months tend to be quite busy so the wait can be long to get inside.




The Newseum is a relatively new museum that opened its doors in 2008. It is dedicated to explaining and promoting the five freedoms listed in the First Amendment. These are the freedom of assembly, speech, religion, press, and petition. There are 15 theatres, 15 galleries, and a number of interactive exhibits to explore.


Get a Deeper Understanding of the Criminal Justice System


Each of these sites is ideal for criminal justice students looking to get a deeper understand of the system put in place in the U.S.

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