What Should I Pack for a Study Abroad?

Congrats! You’re starting your unique journey abroad and going to a University. There are probably a million questions running through your mind and not to mention a million things to do.


Where exactly do you start? You already know you’ve been admitted, how do you make sure you make your transition as smooth as possible? Easy. You first have to make a checklist of the absolute essentials. Here are five things you simply cannot do without on as you embark on the new student life journey.


This is What You Should Pack for a Study Abroad 

1. Camera


Well, this one might seem silly at first, it is one of those items you’ll be grateful you didn’t leave behind later. While the University is a place to study, it’s also the place where you’ll make life long memories that you’ll want to keep a record of.


Investing in a decent camera to capture your most important and awesome moments can help take care of that.


2. Luggage tags


This one might seem like a no brainer. But luggage can be something you’ll spend hours putting together to have it lost at the airport. There are alternatives for students traveling abroad that don’t involve having to lug it around the airport and risk having it lost, like personal luggage delivery services. Whatever method you decide to use, it’s always good to go the extra mile to make sure your precious belongings are not lost.


3. Maps


Make sure you know the general outline of your campus. That way when you arrive, you don’t have the new student anxiety of not knowing where to go. This will also make your transition into your new school, not to mention your new country, as smooth as possible.


Maps can also save you the time and hassle to learn where everything is located once you arrive there. Maps will help you get to your classes on time.


4. A Budget


This is one of the more important items in your to-do list that can save you from many headaches down the road. It can help assist with finding flights on a budget if you want to go home while studying abroad.  Having a budget set in stone will keep you from overspending and impulse buying. It’s good practice to create a budget before you arrive on campus. That way you will be able to calmly think about and calculate what predetermined amounts you’ll spend per month.


Without one, you are prone to spend more than you can afford, which will lead to having to ask for help from family and friends and being in debt. Check out my guide to getting the most out of your budget flight.


5. Personal Documents


These include your passport, your personal identification card, and any school documents that verify you matriculated into their entity. Personal documents are a must, especially when staying long term in a country other than the one you are native to.


Having the copies of all those documents can also be very beneficial since you won’t have to carry the originals with you and risk losing them.


6. Anti-static Brush


Nothing makes you look less professional than having static mess up your hair on a long flight. I like to keep this brush in my bag at all times.


These are some of the top priority items you need to include in your University packing checklist to make sure you are as prepared as possible.


Taking care of these things first can then leave room for making a checklist all the necessary items you’ll need to make your stay in a foreign country a comfortable one. Remember, the gist of keeping a checklist of items to take isn’t necessarily to make sure you can take as much as possible, but that you don’t forget the absolute essentials first.

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