6 Really Awesome Real-Life Versions of Blade Runner Vehicles

Technology is pretty amazing. Like, think about it. Most of us have a tiny computer in our pockets now every day. At some point, someone said “Do you think we will ever have phones that take pictures?” and everyone around them thought they were crazy. Yet here we are. With computers that don’t take up whole rooms anymore, cloud based technology that stores your pictures, Google Maps cars that map urban roads, and cars that are already starting to drive themselves.


The iconic Blade Runner cars have always fascinated me! And with the way car tech is advancing, who knows? Maybe these aren’t so far fetched anymore! Check out these real life cars reimagined for the Blade Runner world, Harrison Ford not included.


Futuristic Blade Runner Cars




The Spinner Police car is the best of both worlds when it comes to the Blade Runner Cars! A car that can drive on the ground or hover through the air is exactly what you would expect from a police car. It can monitor the population from the ground or the sky so out running your speeding ticket just got harder. Here is the reimagined Blade Runner cop car as a Dodge Charger LX, one of the most high-performing police cars of recent times. You can bet that this sick ride wouldn’t look out of place flying through the sky or speeding down the interstate.


Deckard’s Sedan


Rick Deckard used this decommissioned Sedan Spinner to shuttle him around as he undertook his mission to “retire” escaped androids. Many people think that the AI gone awry world isn’t too far into our future. As he chases androids, we couldn’t help but see him in a Tesla Model S. Its zero-to-60mph time makes it the perfect vehicle for a chase down.


Armadillo Van

Eccentric genetic designer J. F. Sebastian went about his business in the Armadillo van. In real life, he’d need something like this Ford Transit Custom, reimagined for him here. This new version is a little more hip, a little more snazzy which hopefully makes J. F. Sebastian’s inability to emigrate a little easier to handle. Though it might not be the coolest of Blade Runner Cars, it holds a special place in our hearts!


‘Everyday’ Car


Not all of the people in the Blade Runner universe are escaped androids or police officers on a super specialist mission. The Blade Runner city of Los Angeles in 2019 is shown to us as technologically advanced and densely populated area, which if yo think about it really isn’t much different than the city’s current reputation. So Blade Runner LA is just an amped up version of the City of Angels we know and love now. Which has us wondering…. what kind of cars would everyday people drive? Would there be mini vans a plenty? SUV’s by the dozens? We’re thinking that since LA is known for its palm trees and numerous Prius drivers this functional, yet futuristic, Volkswagen Gold Hatchback is what most of us would drive. The color is a total throwback to the VW Bug, the coolest car in 1999 and pop-candy music video history.


Blade Runner Truck


Set 30 years after the original movie’s 2019 setting, Blade Runner 2049 is bound to show us a whole host of new technologically advanced vehicles. And we are sure the movie is going to inspire. This re-designed Nikola One Semi, based on a Truck spotted in the trailer, is only one of the possibilities!


Spinner Motorcycle

No Blade Runner Cars list would be complete without a motorcycle side kick. We can all agree that the police officers in Blade Runner have their work cut out for them. Keeping the peace and the Cyber criminals in check is not an easy job. While crime is running amok and causing problems the police need speedy, reliable vehicles that can keep up and stop crime. The powerful and streamlined Harley Davidson V-Rod Muscle would make the perfect Spinner motorcycle! A classic Harley with some modern technological pizzazz with not only look good, it will perform well too!  Escaped criminals wouldn’t get very far with this bike on their tail.


The ground-breaking designs from Blade Runner in 1982 clearly influenced creatives. The car and tech industry were inspired and we saw that manifest itself with products in future decades. With the new movie on the way, all eyes will be on the new car designs. These reimagined real-life vehicles give us a further glimpse of where we might be heading. Personally, I’m keeping my eyes on Tesla!




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