Things to do on a Road Trip – Fun Online Bingo Games

We all know how boring the actual travel part of traveling can be. Don’t get bored next time you’re on a road trip, play these awesome travel bingo games instead. They’ll get rid of that boredom and make the time pass in no time at all.


Things to do on a Road Trip


Check Out These Things to do on a Road Trip – Online Bingo


If you’re stuck on a bus or as a passenger in a car then you can try playing a cool game with the kids. It requires a bit of forward planning in that you’ll need to print off a game grid before you can play. Using a template of designing something simple, you can add in all of the things you’ll be likely to see on the road.


Add in images or text relating to different colored cars, traffic cones, and even signs. Then, dab them off as you travel, the first one to spot them all will win. This is a really fun game for adults and children, you won’t even get travel sick as you play it!


For the grown ups, you can also play on bingo sites with your mobile device. Just connect to the internet and you can select from some awesome bingo sites with big jackpots. If you’re not sure which site to play on, then review sites such as will come in handy in directing you to a great place to play.


There are also other versions of the game that you can play on the go too. If you’re traveling to a place with a lot of landmarks then you can add these into your game. Big cities will usually have more than a few of these to place on your game, like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and more! You can spend time exploring and you can even use the game board as a handy list to make sure you don’t miss any.


There are simply loads of game boards and templates that you can use to create a game of your own. If you’re interested in music and tend to listen to the radio as you travel then you can even make this a basis for your game. Pick out chart songs, genres or other features to pop on your game board. Then, as you travel you can mark them off.


Playing a bingo game isn’t complete if you don’t have prizes on offer! Think about some cool travel essentials that you can bring along as the prize. You could even ask each person in the party to bring a prize so that there is plenty to go around. The first player to get all of their squares dabbed off is usually the winner, but you can also have runner up prizes if you like.


Delve into the world of bingo and you might just find that you enjoy it! We love this game and it can make for the perfect distraction while you’re traveling. It’s suitable for all ages too, so you can even use it to keep the kids amused. Remember to bring some cool prizes!


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