10 Fun Apps and Games for Your Vacation so You Can Relax Like a Pro

If you are heading on vacation this summer, the chances are that your smartphone and iPad will be the first things that you pack.


After all, the range of available apps and online games has grown exponentially in recent times, from productivity tools to those that help you to melt away hours even on the longest of flights.


With this in mind, here are 10 of the best and most enjoyable apps available across both Android and iOS platforms in the current market:


  1. Word Lens (Android and iOS)


Let’s start with an app that is both fun and purposeful; as Word Lens processes text and translates it in real-time from English into Spanish, German, French, Russian, Italian and Portuguese. Simply point your phone’s camera at the necessary text and enjoy a quick, efficient and accurate translation!


  1. The Best Online Casino App (iPhone)


If you are an avid player of online casino games, the www.bestonlinecasino.uk is an app that you should download. This provides an objective overview of the most reputable casino operators in the market, while also educating you on the games and any real-time promotions that are available,


  1. GateGuru (Android and iOS)


If you have an itinerary for your trip, it helps if you can keep this close to hand. GateGuru performs this on your behalf, providing amenity information, maps, tips and weather updates from the convenience of your smartphone. This app also features travel statistics and highlights how many miles you have flown, while also revealing how you rank alongside other users.


  1. Viator (Android and iOS)


For those who want to travel and experience locations as though they are a local, the Viator app delivers an extremely appealing premise. More specifically, it puts you in touch with insider deals on tours and various activities, while providing features which enable you to skip queues and benefit from considerable discounts.


  1. 80 Days (iOS and Android)


We now come to the quintessential travel game, which is akin to a visual novel that combines stunning illustrations with innovative gameplay. In this respect, it provides a unique balance between reading and playing an online game, while its novelty value is something that should appeal to all demographics.


  1. Ridiculous Fishing (iOS and Android)


If you have ever been fishing for real, you may find that it represents a slightly tedious experience. This is not the case with the brilliant Ridiculous Fishing game, however, which is colorful, fast-paced and entirely unlike sitting on the bank of a river whilst waiting for the water to ripple.


  1. Hipmunk (iOS and Android)


While Airbnb may dominate the market when it comes to booking travel and lodgings, Hipmunk provides a unique and refreshing alternative. It offers the interesting dimension of sorting listings by agony scores, as users look to combine factors such as price, layovers and time to make a truly informed decision.


  1. The Room (iOS and Android)


For those in the need for a contemplative and reflective game, you should download The Room to your iOS and Android smartphone. There is a sequel too, and the game serves as a complex puzzle which enables you to explore different boxes and backdrops in a tactile and truly immersive manner.


  1. Roadtrippers (iOS and Android)


Is the journey more important to you than the final destination? If so, this app is ideal for you, as you simply enter your start and end destination (along with any points in between) before allowing Roadtrippers to highlight precisely what you have missed along the way. This may help you to identify some thrilling hotspots that can enrich your trip!


  1. Toca Hair Salon 2 (iOS and Android)


Yes, this is an unusual game, but it is also one that will keep your children (and arguably yourself) content for hours. We have picked the sequel due to its enhanced gameplay options, as users can simply select their objects and establish how they interact with others in the game. Not only this, but the app also prevents objectionable or questionable content from popping-up on screen, which is crucial when dealing with a game that is aimed at children.


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