Take a Swirl World Break with Your Kids – A Little Bit of Your Time Goes a Long Way + SWEEPSTAKES

We are official brand ambassadors for RaceTrac. Not because we’re paid to be (even though we’re paid) but because we back them 100% after being regular consumers just like you for years. 

No one knows better than a busy mom how hard it is to squeeze off a few minutes of quality time with your kids. But a little time goes a long way! A video game level here, a round of UNO there, these things mean a lot to kids. That’s why this summer, I’m breaking all the rules and taking Swirl World breaks with Gauge AKA Kid Friendly. Oh, you didn’t know about RaceTrac frozen yogurt? It’s frozen yogurt with all the naughty toppings! Why RaceTrac? Because we love that RaceTrac is always clean, has loads of options for every craving and has a super friendly staff. Plus, they are right down the street! No brainer.


Racetrac frozen yogurt,


Wait, you didn’t know that has RaceTrac frozen yogurt?


You’re not alone. In fact, if you’re anything like me, I don’t even go into gas stations or convenience stores that much. In all honesty, it wasn’t until I did a tour of RaceTrac’s HQ here in Atlanta that I was floored by all they offer! Did you know they have a fresh counter?


Not only will you find RaceTrac frozen yogurt in their Swirl World section, but there are more toppings than you know what to top with! Yesterday I tried the Yellow Cake Batter with Reese’s crumbles, Oreos, cookie dough and hot fudge. True story! My son and I had so much fun being totally naughty and piling it all on! It was SO good to spend those 20 minutes with him. Not to mention but the entire month of July they have $.69 cent cones. Just saying!


RaceTrac Frozen Yogurt 2


The RaceTrac Swirl World Sweepstakes Win a Year Supply of Swirl World Valued at $300


If you love frozen yogurt you won’t want to miss this sweepstakes. Right now, you can enter to win a year’s supply of Swirl World valued at $300.


  • June, 19 – July, 31
  • One winner per blogger
  • Value is $300 (in the form of a gift card)
  • Enter on Twitter OR Instagram OR both by using #HowYouSwirlWorld and tagging me on Twitter @FairytaleTVLR or Instagram @HeroesandUnicorns
  • One entry per person per day
  • The winner will be announced on August 4, 2017
  • Official sweepstakes rules


So get tweeting and gramming and good luck!



Want to Win a $100? 


“No.” – Said no one ever


Join Me on Thursday, June 29th at 8 pm EST on Twitter where I’ll be chatting with other bloggers about how they do summer in the south! We’ll be giving away $100 four times (so you have four chances to win)! This is a great opportunity for you to enter the sweepstakes too! Don’t forget the tag above and I hope I see you there! RSVP to the Twitter party here.


We love RaceTrac. We are proud ambassadors of the brand and truly stand behind them. They have been a part of our lifestyle naturally for as long as I can remember which is what makes working with them so easy for us. If you haven’t been by one of the new RaceTracs this year I highly recommend you stop in. And if you get into some of that RaceTrac frozen yogurt, think of us when you break the rules!


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  1. What an awesome giveaway! This looks so delicious and the perfect treat to spend some time with my son. I will definitely have to check out the twitter party.

    Travel Blogger / Reply
  2. Awww, I missed the Twitter Party. It must have been so much fun. I will be joining the sweepstakes anyway. That would be awesome to win a year’s supply of Swirl Ice Cream.

    Annemarie LeBlanc / Reply
  3. This is awesome. I’d swirl away too and stay off my diet for a day. Seriously, who can turn their back on those delicious treats?!

    Our Family World / Reply
  4. Rosey / Reply
  5. Tim / Reply

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