Castle Builder II: A Fun Quest in a Fantasy Land

All fairy tales have a common denominator – a quest that needs to be fulfilled by the hero (or heroine) of the story. The same motif can be observed in every story involving heroes or princes-charming, from the earliest legends immortalized in writing to the modern-day stories told on the silver screen. And video games, too, even the simplest and most casual ones (even though the stories and quests of casual games tend to be over-simplified, even when they have a fairy tale setting).


There is one upcoming game that manages to revolutionize the world of casual games by fusing them with an actual fairy tale, complete with characters with different powers, quests to be fulfilled, and princesses to be married. The game is called “Castle Builder II”, and it will be released soon at the Royal Vegas Casino.


A tale of kingdoms


Castle Builder II will be the most captivating game you’ll be able to play at Royal Vegas, the best real money casino for Canadians. It will take players on a trip to a mythical world with lands named in a promising way – the Desert of Death, the Forbidden Skies, Fireborder, and their likes. While this sounds like a setting for a story filled with dragons, warlocks, and mythical warriors, the quests our heroes will have to fulfill are very different from what you may expect – Sam and Mandy, the two builders, have to complete building projects. Namely, they have to travel through the 15 kingdoms of the realm and build all 75 castles in the process.



Building by the numbers


The game stands out from the crowd of games at the Royal Vegas Canada by adding a handful of elements to the mix that are unusual in such a setting. For example, players will need to choose one of the two available builders – Sam or Mandy – and go with their specific “powers”. Sam’s superpower is his experience as a builder, while Mandy’s is her enthusiasm (and her free spins). As they progress through the game, builders will collect experience points which will improve their performance, and unlock a variety of achievements in the process. With each finished castle, players will gain access to further kingdoms, with more kings to please and more princesses to marry. As you might expect, the heroes don’t get the girl at the end of this story… but they get the cash.



Reels and materials


To build a castle, one needs building materials. In Castle Builder II, these are gathered using a slot machine. Players need to spin the reels of the slots and hope for a favorable combination of materials to land on the reels. If three or more pieces of wood, stone, glass or brick land on a win line, these are added to a rack, and when six units of materials are collected, they are used up to build one piece of the castle. Once the castle is complete, the princess moves in and the suitors arrive – each one with a different bonus for a job well done. Players will need to select one of them, and pocket the reward.

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