The Heat is On! Take a Weekday Getaway to Daytona Beach!

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It’s hot! And the heat is rising. One of our must-do trips every spring is a beach getaway. And since we’re all about the experience, we always go on a weekday. Daytona Beach is the perfect beach destination for the Atlanta family to relax, recharge and reconnect. There’s plenty to do and it’s just a short road trip away.


Daytona Beach Weekday Getaway with the


So, first things first. Always keep in mind why you’re taking this weekday getaway in the first place; to relax, recharge and reconnect. My number one tip for trips like this is not to overbook your days. Keep things light and spaced apart so there’s plenty of time for the moment.


Daytona Beach has a lot to see and do. Here are some the highlights you’ll want to experience:

  • Recharge at one of Daytona Beach’s oceanfront resort spas
  • Relax on the beach with the family and take in the view or enjoy water activities
  • Reconnect with your family and wildlife at state and local parks, hiking and biking trails and at Blue Spring State Park where you can even see the manatees!


But this is just the beginning. There really is such a variety of things to do in Daytona Beach. Whether you want to shop, explore or even hit the “Ale Trail” there is something for everyone. It really is the perfect “fun in the sun” beach destination. It’s the type of adventure that can be planned in a moments notice for the spontaneous families out there.


It’s a versatile destination that can be the perfect escape for any type of traveler. Whether it’s a romantic trip, family trip or a trip with your friends, it really is a crowd pleaser.


Added Value When Visiting Daytona Beach


As a single mom, I’m all about getting the most bang for my buck.I always want to look for Daytona Beach Weekday Getaway Deals, and there’s a lot fo them. Another thing that’s super cool about Daytona Beach is that there’s a lot of stuff to do for free. It adds a lot of value to the expense any trip can cost. Here are some of the free things to do:


  • Free summer kids movies
  • Angell & Phelps Chocolate Factory tour
  • The Casements (historical and art exhibits)
  • Friends of the Bandshell Concert Series
  • Mary McLeod-Bethune  Foundation Home and Gravesite
  • North Peninsula State and Recreation Area
  • Ormond Bicentennial Park
  • Ormond Memorial Art Museum and Gardens
  • Sugar Mill Botanical Gardens
  • Sun Splash Park


Outdoor Bonding with Your Travel Partner(s)

I especially love this. There’s no better way to build on a beach adventure than to get out and get outdoorsy with it. I’m talking kayaking, canoeing, hiking, boating and even surfing. Get on a few of these adventures with your family or friends and you’re sure to come home with fun stories to share and memories to hold dear.


Daytona Beach is a win-win for us Atlanta-based families and every family who’s hitting the road (or even the skies). So pack up your fins and sunblock and ditch the office for a cheeky weekday getaway to one of the best beach destinations in the USA.

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21 Comments on this post

  1. I freaking love Daytona Beach. It’s so much more than a place for recent graduates to go and get bombed. LOL There’s a ton of wonderful stuff to do, and so much of it is family friendly.

  2. I have to confess I have never been to Florida at all. For some reason I have done way more international travel than local, I really need to get on that. I love escaping the Brutal Winters here on a warm Sandy Beach!

  3. I love Daytona Beach. It was my senior trip with friends and I def need to go back soon with the family.

  4. I have never been to Daytona Beach before it looks like it is a fun place to go. I love to travel so I will definitely add this to my travel bucket list.

    Jeanette / Reply
  5. I have been all over Florida but I have yet to be at Daytona Beach! Obviously I need to go there soon. That place looks so much fun.

    Valerie Gray / Reply
  6. I have always wanted to go to Daytona Beach. It is definitely on my travel bucket list!

  7. Ooh, Daytona beach doe sound like it could be a fun destination for a family trip. We’ve never gone there together. I’m liking the free ideas!

    Liz Mays / Reply
  8. I haven’t been to Daytona Beach in ages. There is so much to do there, which is great for a family vacation.

    Pam Wattenbarger / Reply
  9. I’d love to take a trip down to Daytona. There really seems like a lot to do! Next time we plan a trip to Florida, Daytona is going on our itinerary!

    Theresa / Reply
  10. My hubby tells me all the time we should go down to Daytona (he’s been but I haven’t) I’d love to see what all the fuss is about! I have heard it’s pretty amazing so definitely adding it to the list of must-visit beaches!

  11. My sister lives on the east coast. We keep talking about vacationing together in Florida. Daytona Beach looks like the perfect destination.

  12. My family loves Daytona Beach! Wish we could visit again this summer!

    Toni Dash / Reply
  13. It’s nice to know that there’s plenty of things to do here! I would love to go on that chocolate factory tour! SO nice!

    Amanda Love / Reply
  14. Oh, Daytona Beach is calling my name! I have not been to the beach in a long time and I should make a trip down there in the summer. I will have to check my schedule and see if we can squeeze this in.

    Annemarie LeBlanc / Reply
  15. Wow. An ocean front resort spa! Sounds like a dream to me. I wish I could fly out and be there at the snap of a finger! I really need some relax time in my favorite spot on earth – the beach.

    Our Family World / Reply
  16. Daytona is such a fun place to visit. There’s so much to do!

    Shannon Graham / Reply
  17. Property was very clean and well maintained. The staff was extremely helpful. Our toddler loved the splash pad and pool. The free breakfast was convenient and made staying in a hotel with a toddler so much easier. We will definitely be back.

    Dana Vento / Reply
  18. I’ve lived in Fort Lauderdale, FL for a few years and have gone to many places in FL but not Daytona Beach. Sounds like a fun place to visit!

  19. Oh, wow! I would definitely love to take a trip to Daytona Beach. It looks amazing 🙂

    Louise x

  20. Oh this place looks stunning .. I would love to visit this one day .the pictures are amazing

    Choudry Nazma / Reply
  21. I am a huge beach person. Daytona beach is very beautiful. I am glad to see such lovely photographs. Thanks for adding the additional activities to do.

    FS Page / Reply

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