The Boondock Saints: Origins – Back for a TV Reboot with an Exclusive Subscription Box

Sit down, this is the news we’ve been waiting for. The Boondock Saints are back! It only took 18 years but hey, who’s counting. The Boondock Saints: Origins hits DCTV – Don Carmody Television, in a big way. I’m talking St. Patrick’s Day big. I mean, if that’s not a perfect world premiere date, I don’t know what is. But you can see the pilot before anyone else and even attend the red carpet premiere on SPD in Boston. For the right price of course.


The Boondock Saints: Origins is a reboot of the 1999 cult classic film franchise. Set in Boston, the story follows Irish Catholic twin brothers Murphy (Norman Reedus) and Conner (Sean Patrick Flanery) who decide they need to rid the city of evil. They use vigilantism to kill gangsters by the numbers leaving a trail of blood in their justice.


The Boondock Saints: Origins Exclusive Fan Pre-Order Campaign


The Boondock Saints: Origins


With more than $260 million in worldwide theatrical and DVD sales and a solid social presence of more than four million followers, there’s no doubt fans are going to flip when the news goes viral. With that in mind, DCTV has announced an exclusive fan subscription box pre-order campaign of the newly reimagined installment – The Boondock Saints: Origins


DCTV teased the return with a mysterious billboard appearing in Beantown skies over the last month, which kept Bostonians guessing just which brothers were watching over the city and why.


The television reboot campaign officially kicked off today with the launch of an exclusive fan incentive here where you can download pre-orders of the series.


There’s also exclusive content, merchandise, and a limited edition subscription box. And if you’re really fancy, you can even buy a ticket to the red carpet. It’s all here in this new promo trailer:


The Boondock Saints: Origins Exclusive Fan Subscription Box Promo Trailer



The Boondock Saints has become an irreverent cult brand that has resonated with loyal fans across the globe for almost 20 years”, said Don Carmody, Executive Producer and Chairman of DCTV. “We’re beyond excited to reward our fans with an unprecedented opportunity to go behind the curtain throughout the entire creative development and production processes via a myriad of exclusive material, outreach and sneak peeks”.


“A television series is the perfect medium for story telling inside the world of our beloved blue collar super heroes. The brothers have always been defenders of the people, justice, fairness and the city of Boston”, says Creator and Executive Producer Troy Duffy. “In this sensitive time of human rights unrest, government scandal and civil corruption, there couldn’t be a better moment to re-launch the brothers iconic brand of justice in the Cradle of Democracy”.


The Boondock Saints: Origins television series will be executive produced by Duffy (Boondock SaintsBoondock Saints II: All Saints Day), Carmody and David Cormican of DCTV (“ShadowHunters,” “Tokyo Trial,” “Between,” “The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe.”)


I’m especially excited about this Duffy Carmody producing this. It gives me high hopes that the series will be true to its franchise. Carmody also produced the Academy Award-winning Chicago and Good Will Hunting, as well as the Resident Evil and Silent Hill franchises, recently made the move into producing television, including the Emmy-nominated “The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe” for Lifetime, “ShadowHunters” for Freeform and “Between” and “Tokyo Trial” for Netflix.


Keep your eye on this one. If it’s as good as I hope it’s going to be, it will be the new TV series we’ve all been waiting for.


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  1. I am so excited! I absolutely love the Boondock Saints, and I have got to get the fan subscription box! I cannot wait! It has been too long!

    travel blogger / Reply
  2. oh my goodness, I am having a major fan moment!!! Followed the link and definitely getting my Husband the box, as he is an even bigger fan than me 😉

    militaryfamof8 / Reply
  3. OMG the video is hilarious!! I loved this movie and am super pumped about the upcoming reboot. I think it will def. be a new show my hubby and I will watch together.

    Christine Cox / Reply
  4. One more show to look forward to. The subscription box would be a nice gift for a die hard Boondock Saints fan. Let me look more into this. Checking out the website now.

    Annemarie LeBlanc / Reply
  5. I don’t know much about this movie but it sounds interesting.I like the concept of subscription box. It’s so cool!

    Hey Sharonoox / Reply
  6. This looks like a great subscription box! I am a subscription box nuttie, so this is right down my alley!

    E H / Reply
  7. I will have to check on this subscription box. My cousin would go nuts over it. Thanks for letting me know. I have lots of time to decide and sign up for this.

    Our Family World / Reply

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