3 Must-Read Yachting Safety and Upkeep Tips!

You have yourself a beautiful yacht. Chances are, you want to keep it that way! So what are some yacht upkeep hacks you can use to help keep your yacht safe for travel on the open sea and also looking ship-shape?


Upkeep Tip #1: Always Hose Your Vessel Clean

Many sailors understand the importance of rinsing off your boat after bringing it ashore. Salt can be very damaging in many ways. First of all, it will permanently stain your window glass if not removed. It can badly damage the finish of your yacht, and it can basically cause even a new yacht to go from looking bright, shiny and beautiful, to looking rather tarnished and old for in a very short amount of time. Spend about 30 minutes or so giving your ship a nice rinse off after each voyage – this will be well worth the time spent.


Upkeep Tip #2: Polish and Wax Your Yacht

You want to polish and wax your yacht at least twice a year. This can be done more often if needed, depending on how often you and your boat are on the water. But a good waxing will help your paint or finish stay fresh and protect it from fading. Before waxing your yacht, make sure you clean it off really well. You can mix just regular soap in with some water if necessary, or use a boat cleaner solution. Just make sure you put in the work to make it super clean, you don’t want to seal in any grime. After cleaning, polish away. Use a good quality boat polish to ensure your yacht will look its best. Finally, use some wax to finish the job and protect your yacht from the ocean’s spray and the powerful/somewhat damaging rays of the sun!


Upkeep Tip #3: Inspect Your Yacht for Damages

You can inspect your yacht while you are cleaning her. Just examine her for any small little cracks or dents. If you can fix a little piece of damage to your ship at the very beginning of its existence, you can save yourself from having to cough up some heavy damage repair costs later! So enjoy your yacht. Carefully examine her for damages. If you notice any issues, do a quick and easy repair. Some you can do yourself with kits. And some you can delegate to a professional for sure repair.


Check your yacht’s propeller after each trip. See if there are any nicks or dents. These can slow down the efficiency of your running power and cost you a lot in fuel. Sometimes loose fishing line gets caught up in the propellers of sea craft, so you would want to check for this too. Get rid of that unwanted line – if you don’t catch it, loose fishing line will probably cause a costly bit of damage to your yacht’s engine. Never fun.


These are just some of the most important beginner steps for yacht upkeep, but there are of course many other little things you’ll want to read up on to have the best yacht in the club! Let us know if you have any other tip questions, and we’ll be happy to try to help out!

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