The Unique Watch That’s Going Viral + $100 JORD Wood Watch Giveaway

This year marks my first ever Valentine’s Day spent with my babe and I wanted to give him something special. So, I chose a unique watch that would really make a statement. Something he could wear with literally everything. Something that aligned with his laid back style, yet looked classy enough to wear to any occasion. You’ll want to keep reading for the giveaway at the bottom.


JORD Wood Watch, cool watch, men's watch, unique watch


Over the last few months, I have seen a lot of instagram posts on the JORD Wood Watch collection. I thought,


Now that’s a watch I can get behind!”


With each one I saw, I loved them even more. The decision was easy when it was time to shop around. This being our first Valentine’s Day, and one we would be spending on vacation, I wanted to make it special.


JORD Wood Watch, cool watch, men's watch, unique watch

JORD Wood Watch, cool watch, men's watch, unique watch


I couldn’t wait to get this cool watch so I could see it in person. Of course, I opened the box and inspected it in its entirety. I was floored as to how detailed the wrapping was. The box and packaging had been so nicely put together I almost didn’t want to disturb it.


JORD Wood Watch, cool watch, men's watch, unique watch

JORD Wood Watch, cool watch, men's watch, unique watch

JORD Wood Watch, cool watch, men's watch, unique watch

JORD Wood Watch, cool watch, men's watch, unique watch

JORD Wood Watch, cool watch, men's watch, unique watch

JORD Wood Watch, cool watch, men's watch, unique watch


But, I wanted to share it with you, so I did. No worries, I easily put it all back together and packed it in our luggage for our upcoming ski trip to Lake Tahoe.


The Unique Watch that Made His Day


The JORD Wood Watch that I chose was from the Frankie series in zebrawood and champagne. It is the perfect blend of color that will look great against any look. I knew it would be easily worn for any occasion, and I knew it was just the right amount of laid back for my man’s style.


JORD Wood Watch, cool watch, men's watch, unique watch

JORD Wood Watch, cool watch, men's watch, unique watch

JORD Wood Watch, cool watch, men's watch, unique watch


My Valentine’s Day Surprise


I was so excited to give it to him. I could hardly wait to get into our room at the Ritz-Carlton Northstar so I could execute my Valentine’s Day surprise and give him this super cool watch.


It was the sweetest thing. Not only was this a unique watch, but it was the first quality watch he ever owned. He’s a frugal man. But even a frugal man deserves a stunning timepiece. After all, in my opinion, a man’s timepiece speaks volumes.


JORD Wood Watch, cool watch, men's watch, unique watch


I could hardly wait for him to come into the room to the perfect wooden box on the bed. He smiled this sheepish grin and said, “Oh my, what’s this?”. His eyes lit up as he unveiled his new super cool watch. He was floored. I don’t know what amazed him more, the elegance of his new watch, or the fact that it was crafted entirely from wood!


JORD Wood Watch, cool watch, men's watch, unique watch


He was SO happy, SO thrilled, he immediately put it on. I knew he loved it because I kept catching him from the corner of my eye staring at it. I’ve never seen him so interested in the time before!


It has been one week since I gave him this gift and he’s worn it at every given opportunity. It looks stunning on him, really, and it’s a perfect fit for his style. I’m really happy with my choice and more than anything, I’m really happy that he loves it.

JORD Wood Watch, cool watch, men's watch, unique watch

The JORD Wood Watch $100 Voucher Giveaway – Get $25 Just for Entering

Enter to win a $100 voucher to use towards a JORD Wood Watch! And better yet, just for entering you’ll get a $25 consolation code.


Good luck from Christa and Sean!

Christa Thompson, Sean Overstreet


Wooden Wristwatch

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  1. That is cool, I used to like Fossil brand, just because it’s fossil/stone etc. But, I have to get one of these for my husband, I think he might like them. Wood watches cool!

    colette Lefebvre-Davis / Reply
  2. I absolutely adore Jord watches. They have the most lovely warm look to them. SO much better than metal.

    Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle / Reply
  3. I really love these watches. Not only are they unique but so sophisticated! I have to look for one for my hubby’s birthday since he collects watches!

    Kathy Myers / Reply
  4. that looks so expensive and will match to any occassion!! im sure my hubby will love this one!

    My Teen Guide / Reply
  5. You gotta love a Jord watch, I love wood watches. They are so pretty but in a manly way.

    Melissa Dixon / Reply
  6. JORD watches are so beautiful and unique! I love the one you chose!

    The Mad Mommy / Reply
  7. I want to get my dad a Jord watch for his birthday. He has been a woodworker all his life and will love that it is made out of wood.

    Ann Bacciaglia / Reply
  8. I love Jord watches. They’re so beautiful. I got my husband one and he loves it.

    Kathy / Reply
  9. This is a very neat looking watch. I personally am not sure that I would know how to maintain the wood without it drying out. My husband would enjoy it though.

    uprunforlife / Reply
  10. I love Jord Watch because of it’s unique wooden design. I own one myself and I also got one for my husband.

    Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen / Reply
  11. We have one of these watches and we love them! We’ve had it for a number of years and the quality is unmatched. We get so many compliments on our watch.

    Jeanette / Reply
  12. What a gorgeous watch! I love how unique it is with the wood design. I think my husband would love it.

    lisa / Reply
  13. What a beautiful watch. I love the wood design, it makes it so unique. I love how you can dress it up or down.

    Yes Missy / Reply
  14. I have heard such great things about Jord watches. They are definitely a unique gift 🙂

    Destany / Reply
  15. These watches are so awesome. My husband has one and I’m so glad he has just a really nice watch to wear.

    Heather / Reply
  16. This is so unique and looks very sturdy. Glad your husband liked it.

    Bernadette Siazon / Reply
  17. This is a beautiful watch. I think I like the idea of it being wood. Makes it very unique. I can enjoy something that is nice and different.

    Stephanie Jeannot / Reply
  18. I love the way these watches look! I have given some as gifts before and it went over very well, so pretty!

    Melissa Dixon / Reply
  19. that looks a very expensive watch and will surely fit to any occassions!

    My Teen Guide / Reply
  20. wow.. that wood watch is very unique! i like it

    Karlyn Cruz / Reply
  21. woah im sure my hubby will like this wooden watch!! its so elegant!

    Victoria Heckstall / Reply
  22. like the look, simple but elegant! I know a few people that would like to have this watch : )

    Eloise / Reply
  23. That watch is gorgeous! My husband would love this! What a great gift idea!

    Kendall Rayburn / Reply
  24. I’ve never seen a watch like that before. How cool! I’m glad that he loved it and that he’s getting a lot of use out of it. That’s always the goal when giving gifts.

    Tiffany Hathorn / Reply
  25. So glad he liked his watch. Those Jord watches are simply gorgeous.

    Traveling Well For Less / Reply
  26. My husband wants this watch so bad. He is like a watch hoarder the way women are with high heels.

    Jennifer Sikora / Reply
  27. These are cool watches! My hubby has 3 of them and they go well with any outfit you want to rock!

  28. Jord watches was so beautiful and have a unique design., I want to have this soon.

    Maria Han / Reply
  29. My husband was over the moon too when he saw the JORD watch that I got him. I love mine too. They are definitely unique and chic!

    Lynndee / Reply
  30. Omg now that is one fabulous watch!!!! Looks like I need to add a Jord to my watch collection.

    The Trophy WifeStyle / Reply
  31. Wow what a great watch, my grandfather would love to have a watch like this.

    jessicasimms / Reply
  32. What a fun idea! I bet this watch would make a great gift also. Love the color of the face!

    adriana / Reply

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