Fairytale Themed Online Gaming for the Nerdy Traveler

Okay, I’m here to admit it, I play slots. In fact, I’ve made it my hobby to hit the casino just to see what cool slots there are. During the holidays I look for holiday slots and of course always the vampire and unicorn slots. I kinda got hooked on the entertainment of it. Then I moved to online slots (mostly when I’m traveling and bored, waiting on flights or in train stations).

Online slots are one of the more popular gambling options available to people at casino sites. Casino companies spend a lot of time making these slots more engaging and into immersive experiences – and thus cooler for my fellow gambling and gaming nerds out there.

Sometimes this is achieved through providing better bonus features and games and at other times through enhancing the graphics and sound effects that accompany the game play. Either way it ensures that modern slots are fun. Just because we love our fairytales doesn’t mean we don’t love gaming, too, which is why the online game Fairest of Them All really caught my eye.


Created by Ash Gaming, Fairest of Them All is an online slot themed around classic fairytales and features reels filled with icons from these stories – such as the Handsome Prince, Wicked Witch, Elves and Snow White. It is this latter character whose fairytale provides the main inspiration for the slot and all of the main characters are represented in the reels and the impressive graphics. You will also hear subtly integrated sound effects throughout the course of the game, like the sound of trees blowing in the breeze as you travel through the forest. On a visual level, this slot certainly delivers the goods required to immerse the player in the fairytale fantasy world. It’s like really being right in the middle of a real fairytale, yet without any real worries about a wicked queen putting a curse on you.

I love the random bonus feature where Snow White sprinkles gold or silver dust from her basket over the reels. I don’t know about you, but I’m all about sprinkling fairy dust to win! The best part is, you don’t have to be in Vegas to play along. I find myself online gaming whenever I’m bored in the airport or in the car on road trips because it’s a great way to kill some time and have fun. With amazing visual graphics and so many changes to win, The Fairest of Them All Slot is well worth taking for a spin. 



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