Mom’s Corner – Saving the Planet One Wipe at a Time with Scott Tube-Free

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Scott Tube-Free for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

It’s no secret, we are wiping ‘things’ every day. I say, why not save the planet while we do it. After all, if it’s an option don’t you think we should make that choice? When I’m on the road I’m doing, well, travel and film stuff. But when I’m at home I’m doing pretty normal stuff just like you and the next person. This includes buying toilet paper. scott tube free When I found out that Scott Tissue (honest-to-God-truth), my #1 choice for bath tissue, came out with a tube-free roll, I was stoked. I mean we never really needed that role anyway. And removing the tube cuts down on the 17 billion tubes used annually in the U.S. And just to make this an extra valuable read, here’s’ a  Scott Tube-Free coupon for you!

I Put the Scott Tube-Free Roll to the Test

I wanted to know from start to finish just how the Scott Tube-Free roll would go down. Of course it has that cushy softness every derriere appreciates. I slapped that puppy on the roll and used it just like any other roll before it. When I got the the end it was the coolest thing… gone, no trace in sight. This also means no one is leaving a roll with one sheet left on it either. I thought that was an added bonus. scott tube free No more cardboard rolls hanging out on the tub. That’s also cool. Small steps make a difference on the environment. By eliminating the tube, Scott Tube-Free bath tissue gives people an easy way to make a change and without sacrificing quality. ALL TOILET PAPER SHOULD BE TUBE-FREE!!! Say it with me. I love how this guy makes a statement about the impact we have on the planet. His toilet paper tube stunt demonstrates how the reality of the toilet paper tubes we use. The stunt uses 66,000 tubes, which is the amount of tubes Americans go through in just over two minutes! What!

Can you imagine saving about 150 tubes a year from switching? I’m impressed and ready to be a part of the impact. Store listings here—> Scott Tube-Free.

I’m not the only one who’s on board with getting rid of pointless rolls. Check out this YouTube Vlogger and what he did with 150 rolls (the same amount that a family uses in a year).

I’m not telling you something you don’t already know. Our world depends on us to take care of it. We are damaging this planet every second of the day. We need to take personal responsibility and make choices that help our planet. If not for us now, for our kids and their kids. This planet will not survive if we continue to turn a blind eye to real problems. I hope you look for Scott Tube-Free bath tissue when you’re buying paper products. It’s the right thing to do, regardless of the price. I know I’ll be choosing this 100% of the time and I hope to see it on every single shelf in the months to come.

This article was sponsored by Scott Tube-Free Bath Tissue, it in no way shapes my very personal opinion of the product or the realities of caring for our planet.

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