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Being a kid of a travel writer mom is fun, I never know what kind of crazy stuff my mom is going to get me into. Sometimes we travel really far and sometimes we do things close to home. This time, my mom got to be a part of the press opening for the very first ever Marvel Universe Live in Tampa. I was totally excited when she told me cause I love Marvel superheros and I couldn’t wait to meet some of the characters. Right before the show, my mom got to be in the press conference. After all the people with the big cameras and stuff asked all their questions, I got to meet Ben Aycrigg who plays Cyclops in the show! I didn’t really have much to ask him cause I’m just a kid, but I did get to do something even cooler than I thought I would. During my interview with Ben Aycrigg, I got to learn exactly how to do a real stage punch, just like all the Marvel characters in the show! Ben showed me the right way so I can look like a real superhero! It was so epic!


You make a fist, thumb inside like a pro.



You stick your other hand out straight.



You draw back like a bow and arrow.


You punch and pull back your other arm at the same time.


And that’s how you do a real stage punch from a pro. Thanks Ben for teaching me and for being so cool. Next time I’m going to show you my ninja moves.

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A standing ovation filled the room after the action-packed Marvel Universe Live performance.

A standing ovation filled the room after the action-packed Marvel Universe Live performance.

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Performer Ben Aycrigg of Tampa, Florida

Performer Ben Aycrigg of Tampa, Florida

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